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Peter Grenier Massachusetts

The chief engineer of the Historic Hawthorne Hotel in Salem, Ma


When Peter Grenier of Massachusetts was sixteen years old, he began working in construction. After three years of installing concrete foundations, Peter Grenier Massachusetts was appointed Chief Engineer of the Historic Hawthorne Hotel in Salem, Massachusetts. Peter Grenier of Massachusetts spent three years there before establishing his own construction firm. 


Wicked Good Woodworks,

 cabinet and remodeling firm

Peter Grenier of New Hampshire constructed six new single-family houses and renovated many others. He spent four years renovating and building new homes in the Palm Beach - Fort Lauderdale region. In 2011, Peter Grenier of Massachusetts relocated to Bedford, New Hampshire, and founded Wicked Good Woodworks, a cabinet, and remodeling firm. He has been in charge of the business for ten years. Peter Grenier of Massachusetts sells and installs cabinets, renovates single and multifamily dwellings, and even constructs new homes. Peter Grenier of New Hampshire is an automobile fanatic who also likes golf, yachting, and jet skiing.

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